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Welcome to our class page! Our class teacher is Mrs Morel. 


It has been a fabulous first term for me , getting to know the children in more depth, and seeing them make good progress whilst thoroughly enjoying learning about crocodiles and dinosaurs.


This term we are linking our planning at the beginning of term to the upcoming royal wedding and will conclude our learning with a street party on 18th May, when some of our work will be on display. Using the royal wedding as a link we will be comparing the wedding to those held in India to help us learn about another part of the world. In history we will look at castles through the ages and how they are linked to royalty. Alongside wedding vows, in RE we will be looking at promises that we make.


In literacy we will be using picture books to develop our story telling and instructional writing. The focus of maths for Year 1 will be multiplication, division fractions and geometry and Year 2 will be looking at directional language and problem solving.


After the Whitsun break the focus will be on the sea as we prepare for our summer production Peter Pan. Using Tiddler we will be looking at life under the sea. We will link our science and DT topics, focusing on the properties of materials and using them to plan and produce an object, selecting materials based on our knowledge of their properties.


In maths we will be look at place value, money and time in Year 1 and time, measurement, capacity and temperature and then finish the year with some maths investigations.


Please visit our page regularly to see what we are up to!



Our Christian value this half term is Truthfulness.


PE: Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Please ensure that the children have their PE kit in school every day as we try to keep the timetable flexible so that we can make the most of the weather and other opportunities to teach PE.




Star of the Week: Poppy

Dojo Winner: Isabella




If your child reads at least four times a week for ten weeks throughout the term then they will receive a reading badge at the end of term, which they can proudly wear on their uniform. So please remember to write in the Home Communication book about the reading your child has been doing!



This term we will be using Doodle maths for personalised maths homework, and will we hope you have been enjoying the application!

The key to this is to practise a little everyday. I hope that the children will be excited about this new format and be keen to complete it. The system basis each day's questions of previous results, thus challenging your child in areas of strength and closing gaps where there are misconceptions. We will be monitoring the children's progress and supporting in school where necessary.




We will continue to send home the spelling homework, with the children being tested on the Monday after the homework is due in. It is important that children complete this as it covers the National Curriculum lists and supports our teaching in school.



This terms Topic homework is due in on Monday 4th June, so that we can display it for viewing afternoon on 5th June.

Week Ending 15th June

Another busy week has flown past. We have been continuing to start the day with a look at Newsround and a discussion of both the stories it contains and the countries mentioned. Our World map is filling up with links from current affairs and the countries that we are following during the World Cup!


In Literacy this week we have been using pictures from a beautiful pop-up Peter Pan book to develop our literacy skills and write setting descriptions.


In maths we have been securing our understanding of position including left and right (Year 1) and telling the time to 5 mins on analogue clocks. These are both really practical topics, and any reinforcement of the concepts at home would be much appreciated.


Before we design and build boats, in science we have been to investigate the properties of materials. We began by thinking of a range of adjectives to describe a range of materials and then sorted them a number of ways. We then investigated those that would float.


The children loved going into the garden to water and pick radishes this week, and all bravely tried them. They we a little strong for some!


Investigating materials in Science

Investigating materials in Science 1
Investigating materials in Science 2
Investigating materials in Science 3
Investigating materials in Science 4
Investigating materials in Science 5

Gardening and eating radishes

Gardening and eating radishes 1
Gardening and eating radishes 2
Gardening and eating radishes 3
Gardening and eating radishes 4
Gardening and eating radishes 5

16th April - 27th April 2018


The first 2 weeks have flown past ! We started the term with 2 immersion days where we looked at all aspects of weddings. We wrote invitations, made wedding outfits and talked about different types of weddings.


We have been using a beautiful book - The Scarecrows Wedding, to develop our literacy skills. We have been writing character and setting descriptions; including adjectives and conjunctions.


In maths Year 1 have been developing their understanding of multiplication and counting in 2,5 and 10s. Next week we will developing their fluency in these tables and looking at using their knowledge in different situations. Year 2 have been developing their understanding of both position and direction and we will be applying this to mazes and maps next week..


Our non core focus for the last two weeks has been making promises and RE. We have looked at the importance of making and keeping promises, the importance of keeping promises and how different religions reflect the importance of promises. We were also visited by Rev Roland who talked to us about both christian christenings and weddings.


Next week we will begin to look at different castles and their purpose.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

26th Feb-2nd March 2018

Despite only being in for 4 days we have achieved a great deal this week.

In Literacy we have been using Tom and the Dinosaur Egg to develop our descriptive writing focusing on both the characters and the setting. At the end if the week we wrote an independent piece of extended writing. I was very proud of what the children wrote and their progress.

In Numeracy we have been investigating capacity in Year 1 and Fractions in Year 2. 

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed looking at the capacity of different containers and understanding that different shaped containers can have the same capacity.

Year 2 are developing their understanding of fractions and securing their existing knowledge. They are beginning to understand how to write fractions and solve problems involving fractions.

We have been thinking about why Cavemen drew on walls and had a go at creating out own messages - not all of which were understood!

After collecting ' painting tools' from the garden, we used a range of natural materials to create different marks on a page as well as recreating images from the Cueva de las Manos using sponges and our hand prints.

Thursday was a fantastic day! The children all looked amazing dressed as their favourite characters and enjoyed  listening to teachers reading from their favourite books.

We also took advantage of the snow falling and ventured outside to collect snowflakes on card. We used magnifying glasses investigate wether snowflakes were all the same shape or all different!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

19th -23rd February 2018

What a fantastic this has been. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week in Robins. The children have really made me feel welcome and I am reminded of what amazing and caring our children are. They have been working very hard too.


In literacy we have shared 'Tom and the Dinosaur Egg', using it to think about how to describe characters and settings. Next week the children be applying their learning by rerelling the story in their own words.


In maths Year 1 have been developing their understandin of measure by investigating weight. We have been using terms such as 'heavier' and 'lighter' to comapre a range of abjects. Year 2 have been learning about the properties if 3D shapes.


Our non-core block for the next two weeks will be art. We have begun to look at how cave art was used as a communication tool for eraly man.Next week we will be completing our own cave art as well as clay tiles.


We also took took the opportunity to revisit our work on seasons from last term to look for any signs of Spring the the school garden. We were delighted to see the shoots of a number of different flowers beginning to grow.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12

8th January - 19th January 2018


Over the past two weeks, Robins have been learning about mini-beasts habitats and trying to find lots of facts to support their fact files that they made for Extended Writing on the 18th January. 


The children have used all the facts they learnt at Crocodiles of the World and the new facts that they have learnt over these two weeks to produce some wonderful fact files, during the week. Then they made some fact files about mini-beasts for Extended Writing, which is displayed on the Write Stuff board, in the corridor by Reception.


In Maths, Year 1 have been learning about concepts of time; we have found out about half past and o'clock, along with remembering the days of the week and the months of the year. Year 2 have been learning about multiplication and division, where they have been sharing and grouping to find out the answers. 


We have been finding out about micro habitats and habitats that crocodiles would live in. We have been out to find mini-beasts habitats and had to be creative and make our own crocodile habitat! All of the pictures for these activities can be found on Tapestry

These are our curriculum maps. They tell you about what we will be teaching this term.


If you have any questions, please contact Miss Banks.

This is our curriculum letter for the Spring term. 



Tapestry is a website where we upload images and videos of your children every week, so that you can see what they have been up to in class. Please check this regularly to see what Robins have been doing!

Useful Websites


Here is a list of different websites which your child can visit if they wish to complete some extra practise at home in either maths, times tables, literacy or phonics. To follow a link, copy and paste it into the search bar.







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