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Welcome to our class page! There are thirteen children in Robins and three adults in our class. Our class teacher is Miss Banks and our teaching assistants are Miss Richbell and Mrs Boussaiud-Cooke. 


Our topic this autumn term will be ‘Farms’, where the children will learn about farming, farm animals, how food is grown and what it takes to be a farmer! It is an exciting and interesting topic which I have no doubt all the children will enjoy engaging with. 


We have been reading the book 'What the Ladybird Heard' to help us learn about different animals on a farm and the sounds they make!


Please visit our page regularly to see what we are up to!



Our Christian value this term is thankfulness.


PE: Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday afternoons




Star of the Week: Finley


Dojo Winner: Neve




If your child reads at least four times a week for ten weeks throughout the term then they will receive a reading badge at the end of term, which they can proudly wear on their uniform.



There is a lot of homework to be completed, so it is understandable if not all of it can be done. The homework that is prioritized is the reading - when it is sent home at the end of term - and the Spelling, Maths and Topic homework's are the next most important. 

If your child is struggling with the homework - namely, the booklets - please get them to complete as much as they can, but do not worry if they do not finish all of it, as there is a lot of homework. 



Unit 2 to be handed out on Monday 25th September.


Section A is the 'easier' version of the work and Section B is the more complex version of the work. It is up to you and your child as to which one they do, but if your child wants to do both, they are more than welcome to!



Unit 2 to be handed out on Monday 25th September.


Your child can choose to do as much of the Unit as they would like, but please ensure that they are learning the spellings ready for the spelling test every other Monday. 



Farming topic homework to be handed out on Monday 11th September.

It is ideal that your child completes at least one of these. 



Please find attached the curriculum information for Year One below. For further information please contact Miss Mohomed-Hossen.


Useful Websites


Here is a list of different websites which your child can visit if they wish to complete some extra practise at home in either maths, times tables, literacy or phonics. To follow a link, copy and paste it into the search bar.







Counting, matching and ordering 1- 


Counting, matching and ordering 2- 


Higher or lower-


Number ordering-


Number sequences-





Times Tables:





Joining words-


Making sentences-


Rhyming words-






Week 5: 25th Sept. 2017


This week we have been embedding our knowledge of place value and engaging in lots of Continuous Provision (CP) activities to consolidate this. The children have been learning how to be independent and responsible for their own learning by getting into the swing of choosing the CP activities. In Topic this week, we have been writing fact files about animals on the farm and learning lots of facts about sheep, we have also been growing cress and writing our observations of the cress we have been growing. The children have been enjoying the time we have spent learning about Autumn and the seasonal changes that are happening all around us, we have been out collecting leaves and conkers, using these in our Maths learning! 


Next week we are going on our trip to Waltham Place and we are hoping to harvest some apples from the trees in our playground! 

Week 2: 11th - 15th September 2017


This week, Robins have been starting to learn about one less and one more than different numbers and learning how to write the word for different numbers! In Literacy, we have been thinking about the seasons and what changes we can see to the school (not many changes yet, but hopefully in the next few weeks there should be!). We have been writing about these changes and practicing our Continuous Provision work; by choosing our Literacy and Maths challenges independently and taking responsibility for these.


Week 1: 6th September - 8th September 2017


In Robins, it has been a very short, but busy week! Our new Nightingales have been settling in and getting to know our new Robins class! The children, Miss Richbell, Mrs Boussaiu-Cooke and I have been spending our week engaging in writing, counting and art activities! 


The Robins have been enjoying pointing out both what has changed in their old classroom and their new one. These include a new sink, fence and displays, painted walls and a Wendy house that was built just this morning!

It has been exciting to see all of the changes here at Bisham in the last few months and the children are also very excited to see what will happen. Their positivity about the future is infectious!


This will be a great year! :)


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