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Welcome to Heron's class page!


Dear Parents and Carers,


Every Monday, work for the week will be uploaded to the class page. It will be a mixture of work from Purple Mash, White Rose Maths, Times Table Rockstars as well as a range of other activities. Below are also a set of links to other useful websites that cover what we have learnt so far.Please feel free to email any handwritten work to the school.


I will miss The Herons a lot, and hope to be back in the classroom soon! 


Thank you for your patience during this challenging time. 


Stay safe and keep well,

Mrs Absalom



Some helpful resources for parents about Literacy


As some parents have mentioned they need reminding of certain Literacy concepts, I have include a grammar checklist to assist.

Week commencing 13th July 2020


Good morning my lovelies, its the last week of term and it`s the last stretch before holidays! I am eager to see all of your eager faces again.


This week will, again, consist of 3 Literacy activities, WhiteRose Maths and a daily afternoon challenge.


I want to congratulate the Boys on winning TimesTable Rockstars challenge this week,the final score was 165 points to 79. I will set another tournament, lets see who can win this week! 



Task 1:

Using the Story generator below, write your own creative story! Try be creative, it can be from any genre and you can make your own characters or settings, or even borrow ideas from other books. Remember to use as much detail and description with both the setting and character description. Try allow the reader tto feel some form of emotion ( maybe fear, joy or even sadness).


Task 2:

This task will take quite  bit of time, as it will include Literacy skills, art skills and reasoning skills. You will make your own board game, try use inspiration from games such as monopoly, snakes and ladders or even frustration. Write the rules and instructions fro your game before making the pieces and actul board.


Task 3:

Imagine you are on an adventure and you find a new place  or object you have never seen. It may be a play park, a forest, a distant country or even a garden creature. Using the template to plan the description of how it was found.






Try to complete 10 minutes daily on TimesTables Rockstars, afterwards have an attempt on completing in the tournament. Each entry will help your team.


Please be aware that the labeling for the weekly WhiteRose activities are different. It is a varied set we have not completed yet.


This week we will be completing some fun tasks, feel free to complete 3 or more tasks. try be as creative as you can and enjoy each of them.


Task 1: 

Make your own sock puppet, it can be a monster, person or eve an animal! You can sned me a lovely picture or video, of you interacting with your puppet


Task 2:

Using furniture and objects at ohme, make an obstacle course we can use to practice physical skills. These skills may include kicking a ball, throwing, skipping, jumping or any other sort of exercise.


Task 3:

This week we are going to be learning about Non-Newtonian fluids. They are very interesting! Non-Newtonian fluids show characteristics of both a solid and a liquid. Even household items like Ketchup is an example of a Non-Newtonian fluid! Watch this video clip to learn some interesting facts: 


Slime is considered to be a non-newtonian liquid as it behaves like both a solid and liquid at the same time. I thought it would be fun to make some ‘Under the Sea' slime. Here are some websites with some slime recipes:


Task 4:

We have a family who sometimes do things for us without being asked to, mom may make you a cup of tea when you arent`t feeling ell, or dad might take you for an ice cream if you had a fight with someone. Try to do something kind for another, try help around the house without being asked or even make a small surprise for them.


Task 5:
Sketching a self portrait can be quite hard. Using a mirror and your artistic skills, try make an accurate drawing of your own face.

Work sent throughout last week

Week commencing 6th July 2020



Task 1:

This week there are some worksheets to complete each day.

In preparation for next year, it is time to think about our class Green Team and School Council Representatives. If you would like to be on Green Team or School Council, this week I would like you to write a short piece explaining why you would like to be on the team and what makes you a good candidate for the job. You can then either record your speech or send the written version to me.

If you don’t want to be a Green team or School Council Rep then you should apply for a different classroom role. I will be thinking of classroom monitors for next year (there may be more than 1 monitor for each job). These jobs are really important as they help our classroom run smoothly (and you get to earn extra dojos for your brilliant help!)

These are the classroom monitor roles:

  • Ipad/ Laptop Cupboard Monitor
  • Book Shelf Monitor
  • Broom Monitor
  • Continuous Provision Monitor
  • Locker Monitor
  • Art Monitor
  • Classroom helper (giving out books, helping Miss Cooke hand out things, getting equipment ready for P.E etc)

Again, write a short piece explaining why you would like this job and what makes you a good candidate for the role then send it to me. 


Task 2:
We have all learnt or seen different attractions in London, maybe you have been to London Eye, Madam Toussauds, or even the Shard! Choose one attraction that you are really interested in and make a leaflet describing its importance and use today. Remember to include it`s address, pricing, opening dates and times, as well as what we can learn from the attractions. Using this, make your own picture for the cover of your leaflet.


Task 3:

Research the geographic and historic features of London. Why was the city first built and what may have occured in London that we may find interesting today. Make your own magazine cover for London and remember some article titles for your cover focusing on London.



Well done to Year 4 for winning the weekly tournament against the Year 3s on TimesTables Rockstars!


Remember to complete 10 minutes a day on the tournament. I have challenged the boys to the girls this week, who will win?



Non- core

Task 1:

This week we are going to learn about the religion of Buddhism and more specifically, the life of Buddha.

Learn about what Buddhism is and core beliefs:

Learn about the life and journey of Buddha:

Draw and make Buddhist Mandalas


A mandala is a symbolic picture of the universe. It can be a painting on a wall or scroll, created in coloured sands on a table, or a visualisation in the mind of a very skilled adept.

The mandala represents an imaginary palace that is contemplated during meditation.


Task 2:

What is a force and how does it work?

What are the different forces?

Push, Pull and Twist.

What is Friction?

Friction is a force between two surfaces that are sliding, or trying to slide, across each other. For example, when you try to slide across the floor, friction makes this difficult.

To learn more about Friction have a look at the link below.

Looking around your house what forces can you see in action, make a list of any items that you need to use the forces of push, pull or twist for.

Today you are going to experiment with how the use of different materials change the resistance.

What you will need:

  • A toy car or wheeled toy.
  • Something to turn into a ramp.
  • Different materials like bubble wrap, a jumper, a chopping board, tin foil, cardboard, paper and a rug.
  •  A stopwatch or timer.


Today you will be testing the resistance produced by different materials.

  1. You will need to create a ramp so the car can travel down it.
  2. Once the ramp is created you one by one you will test the different materials by placing them on the ramp and pushing the car down them.
  3. Using your stopwatch or timer you will timer how long it takes the car to travel down the ramp.
  4. The material that produces the most friction will be the material in which the car travels slowest down.

Once you have experimented with all of your different fabric I would like you to write a conclusion and present your results using a graph.

If you are stuck on your conclusion you can use these sentence starters.

In today’s experiment we were testing how different materials create different amounts of friction. Friction is produced when……………………………………………………………

In order to test how much resistance the materials produced we ……………………………………………………………..

In my graph you can see the results from today’s experiment. The material that produced the most friction was …………………………. taking ………. seconds to complete the ramp, I think that was because……………………………

The material that produced the least friction was ……………


Task 3 and 4: 


Below I have included 2 challenges to complete for those not coming to school this week. See if you can find the culprits

Some lovely work from last week

Some brilliant pieces of work completed this past week