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Welcome to Heron's class page!


Our topic this term is looking at is Knights, Kingdoms and castles



Welcome to the Herons class and I am your teacher, Miss Absalom! We hope you have had a fantastic break and are ready to spring back into action! This term we will have a lot of fun learning as we have received a very special letter from a knight who needs our help! we will be learning how to be good knights, as well as the daily lives within castle walls this term.

Miss Absalom

Class Teacher 



Please ensure your child brings in their PE daily.

Star of the week:

Congratulations to our class Star is Oliver C for taking care of his friendships, as well as his friends` emotional wellbeing






Dojo class winner: 

Congratulations to -  Harlan



Spellings and Homework

The children have completed their third set of homework this week! We are reaching the start of the term and after a long holiday I am sure the children will be eager to get learning. Homework is sent out every two weeks, the parents will have a week to complete the work in before it needs to be returned to school. During the second week, the class will go through the homework as a team and mark. Any misunderstandings will be worked on in this time.


Please ensure your child is reading four times week as this has a huge impact on all areas of their learning,we are practicing readings within the class as well. Write each day`s reading in their partnership book and ensure it is sent daily.

Times Tables Rockstars has been launched this week and can be used at home and school to assist their work.


Spellings needs to be practiced daily to allow for confidence and fluency in their writing.


Core Subject Information 14.10.19



In Maths after a long holiday, we will being to look at addition in Year 3 and 4. The concepts will range from adding 3/4 digit numbers to a variety of numbers, column methods and using place value as an assistant in addition. We will also be revisiting concepts from place value. We are moving towards addition and subtraction and using our understanding to explain our thinking


This week we will be revising our Spelling rules and grammar, as well as reading practice. The children will be focusing on writing a persuasive letter to who should be knighted by the queen.

Reading Challenge

If your child reads at least four times a week for ten weeks throughout the term they will receive a reading badge at the end of term! Please record all reading in the Partnership book. 

Additional information and links

During parent's evening I was asked to identify some activities to help children learn their tables. I have identified a few games and websites that might suit you and your children - enjoy!!

Games to help learn your tables:

Times Tables rockstars: The children were given their own personal logins and this will allwo them to complete times tables online as well

Super fingers This is a game for two players. This is played like ‘rock, paper, scissors’ but with numbers. Two players count to 3 and then make a number using their fingers. Both players then have to multiply both numbers together. The one who says the answer quickest is the winner.

Multiplication Snap You will need a pack of cards for this game. Flip over the cards as if you are playing snap. The first person to say the fact based on the cards turned over (a 2 and a 3 = 6) gets the cards. The person who has the most cards at the end is the winner.

Rhyme time Silly rhymes can help children to learn tricky times tables facts e.g. 8 x 8 = 64 He ate and ate and was sick on the floor, eight times eight is 64. 7 x 7 = 49 Seven times seven is like a rhyme, it all adds up to 49. You will find more rhymes like this at

Bingo This game will need two players. Make a grid of six squares on a piece of paper and ask your child to write a number in each square from their target tables. Give them a question and if they have the answer they can cross it off. The first person to mark all their numbers off is the winner.

The children worked on completing their clay models, and the Year 3s did some addition outside

The children have been training in PE how to be good squires and knights!

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