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Week Beginning 11.11.2019





Monday - 

Tuesday - Home learning books to be handed in.

Wednesday - New home learning sent out.

Thursday - 

Friday- Children in need.




This week we are finishing our topic of Diwali by retelling the story of Rama and Sita and writing about our favourite thing from our Diwali party. 



Our focus this week is: 

I, N, O, P, G 


We have learnt all alphabet sounds and will be recapping them this term.

m, a, s, d, t, i, n, g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e, l, h, r, j, v, y, w, z, x



Our learning objective this week is addition, in class we are focusing on how two add to different groups together to find out how many we have all together. 









Our Christian Value this term is:



Useful Websites

Here is a list of different websites which your child can visit if they wish to complete some extra practise at home in maths and/or phonics. 



Counting 1- 

Counting 2- 

Counting, matching and ordering 1- 

Counting, matching and ordering 2- 



Phoneme flashcards- 

Identifying initial sounds-

Matching words to pictures-

Blending CVC words-







We are once again running our popular Eisteddfod performance poetry competition across the Multi Academy Trust this year. The children can learn a poem of their choice (and can even write their own poem if they wish). Find below some example poems to give you an idea of appropriate level for your child's year group. Please note that whilst you may use these poems, there is no expectation to and we love to see variety and children's own choices. Performances will be judged on how well the poem has been learnt, clarity, expression and actions used to enhance the performance. The first round of class auditions will be on Friday 22nd November, followed by the semi finals on Friday 24th January and then the finals on Thursday 5th March - we can’t wait to hear the children’s performances! Please do ask if you have any questions regarding the Eisteddfod. Thank you. 



Please find attached the curriculum information for Foundation below. For further information please contact Miss Cooke.

Nightingales photos!


Please note if your child's picture never appears here then you have requested this on the admin forms at school. 

Photos of your children are also accessible on Tapestry for you to view. 


Busy Learning WC:14.10.19

Busy Learning WC:14.10.19 1
Busy Learning WC:14.10.19 2
Busy Learning WC:14.10.19 3
Busy Learning WC:14.10.19 4
Busy Learning WC:14.10.19 5

Rosh Hashanah WC: 30.9.19

Rosh Hashanah  WC: 30.9.19 1
Rosh Hashanah  WC: 30.9.19 2
Rosh Hashanah  WC: 30.9.19 3
Rosh Hashanah  WC: 30.9.19 4
Rosh Hashanah  WC: 30.9.19 5
Rosh Hashanah  WC: 30.9.19 6
Rosh Hashanah  WC: 30.9.19 7
Rosh Hashanah  WC: 30.9.19 8
Rosh Hashanah  WC: 30.9.19 9
Rosh Hashanah  WC: 30.9.19 10
Rosh Hashanah  WC: 30.9.19 11
Rosh Hashanah  WC: 30.9.19 12
Rosh Hashanah  WC: 30.9.19 13


Please find attached the curriculum information for Foundation below. For further information please contact Miss Cooke.

                           Phonic Support

How to say the set 1 sounds

How to read a Blending Book

How to read the Red Ditty Books

How to spell using Fred Fingers

Set 2 Sounds

How to say the Set 2 Sounds

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