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Welcome to Nightingales


Week commencing: Monday 19th of October 


Welcome to our class page! There are eight children in Nightingales and two adults in our class. Our class teacher is Mrs Clarke and our teaching assistant is Mrs Byrne.


Please visit our class page regularly to see what we are up to!


Our Christian value this term is generosity.


Outdoor Learning


Everyday the children participate in outdoor learning, where they have the opportunity to discover, experiment, learn about and connect to the natural world, as well as engage in a variety of outdoor and adventure activities.

We recommend that the children keep a pair of wellies and a waterproof jacket in school, which they can slip on before going outside to keep themselves dry and warm.
Also the children are more than welcome to keep a spare set of clothes in school, in case they become muddy or wet whilst having
fun exploring the water tray or mud kitchen!


Core Subject Information w/c 19/10/20

Below you will find a description of what the children will be learning this week:



This week the children will continue to focus on the book ’My map book’. Through the children will be creating their own story maps of their walk around Bisham village.



This week’s sounds are: th, z, ch and qu.

The children will also be revising previously taught sounds: m, a, s, d, t, i, n ,p, g, o, c ,k, u, b, f ,e, l, r, sh, h, j, v, y and w.



This week the children will be focusing on adding one more using numbers 1-5.

๐ŸŒŸThis week’s star of the week is Teddy for making lots of green choices this week.

๐ŸŽ‰ The dojo winner this week is Rosemary.





Please attached the curriculum information for foundation below:




Useful Websites





Counting, matching and ordering






Identifyingtheir properties. initial sounds-

Matching words to pictures-

Blending CVC words-


Every Thursday (as of this week) homework books will be sent home, so that the children can draw a picture and mark make/write about what they have done over the weekend. Adults are welcome to scribe under their work to say what they have drawn or written. Homework books are then collected in every Tuesday, so the children can share their weekend news with Mrs Clarke.


Set on: Thursday 22nd October

Due in: Tuesday 3rd November


Home Learning Activities

Home learning activities will be set every fortnight from Friday 23rd October and we ask that the children complete at least one activity.


Set on: Friday 23rd October

Due in: Friday 6th November 

Lockdown home-learning

You will notice in the front of your child’s partnership diary, there are two sets of login details. These are for purple mash and reading eggs. These are for use should your child be out of school due to having to self-isolate or in the event of a local or national lockdown where the school is forced to close. However, it is good idea to have a go with your child prior to these times, to familiarise them with the setup and to check all login details are fully working. The children have had the opportunity in class to have a look at the reading eggs app and they all thoroughly enjoyed exploring the activities available.