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Book explaining Coronavirus for young children

Hi lovely Robins, 

It was so lovely catching up with you this week. I am looking forward to hearing about all your exciting adventurous this week too. I really miss you but lots of mummies and daddies have told me you are working really hard. Please continue to help mummies and daddies as they are also working really hard. I hope you have lots more fun on your lovely adventurous. 


Purple Mash

Please check Purple Mash 2do's for weekly tasks


Daily task 1:

General knowledge.


The children should watch Newsround on CBBC and then write a short summary of the news stories that they have heard. This is a great way to have also conversations about world events and places. 


Daily task 2: 

Concrete Maths- Ongoing

Go for a shape hunt around the house- create a tally of which shape you found the most of.

Create a shape poster- how many sides does each shape have?

Bake a cake- can you measure ingredients using grams?

Create a shopping list- how much does it cost? how much money do you have? how much change left over?

Plant a flower- can you measure how tall your flower has grown every week?

Write your numbers 10-30

Practise counting in 2s, 5s, 10s

Create a number bonds poster

Make up a number rhyme

Create a counting stick using post-it notes and sticks


The children should go onto times tables rock stars and play or practise for half an hour a day.

Remind the children to count in their 2s, 10s and 5s.

If you communicate with your friends, you could all log on at the same time and play against each other! 

There will be tasks to do on purple mash weekly. 

Daily task 3: 



20 minutes of daily reading with at least 5 of those reading aloud- discussing, explaining, summarising, predicting what will happen next.  If your child is on RWI use the questions in the back of the book.

Can you create a front cover for one of your books?

Can you add a blurb?

Can you write a diary entry for one of the characters?

Can you rewrite the ending?- 

Daily task 4: 


go to

WC 06.04.20

Can you create a spelling bingo?

Write a list of words(checklist). Then on a separate piece write out your spellings and get someone to hide them around the house. Your job is to collect all your spellings from around the house. Each time you find a word you have to write it three times on your checklist. 

These are the spelling lists your children could work through

Year 1-

Year 2-


Sound Mat

Revisit high-frequency words once a week.

Audio story

WC 06.04.20


WC-06.04.20 - Purple Mash Phonics

Children to say the rhymes every single day( you will find these on the sound mat). 


Children to practice alien words and real words for 20 mins on a daily basis using phonics play. 

Children to practice from phase 3-5. There are also grammar games that the children could explore.


Read Write Inc are putting on their own phonics lessons daily on YouTube and will be available for:

Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am and again at 12.30 pm
Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am and again at 1.00 pm
Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am and again at 1.30 pm


Daily task 5:

Maths.- ongoing 

Go to and find the session that has been uploaded for the day. 

Watch the video. 

Complete the work associated with that video. 


Daily task 6:

English. WC 06.04.20

Rewrite the story of the Little Red Hen. You can add your own characters, Maybe you can change the ending? Maybe the hen could make something different? Remember to use all the skills we have learnt within class. You can create your stories on Purple Mash or you could create your own book (please send pictures). 

English. WC 23.03.20

Write your own story on Purple Mash

Day 1- Pick a setting for your story (use adjectives to describe your setting) Next pick the characters for your story. Day 2- Plan the opening for your story. Day 3- Write the opening for your story. Day 4- Plan the middle of your solution. - a plot - a challenge/ problem Day 5-Write the middle of your story. Day 6- Plan the ending of your story. Day 7- Write the ending of your story. Day 8- Review and edit your story Day 9- Draw your pictures. Day 10- Read your story to someone. Record this


PE- Ongoing

The Body Coach (Joe Wicks) is streaming daily PE sessions at 9 am that the children can be a part of.




Additional Weekly tasks:

There will be additional non-core and reading tasks set on purple mash each week that you will have longer to respond to.

WC: 06.04.20- Can you write your own prayer for Easter?

WC: 06.04.20- Go on an Easter toy hunt. You will need an adult to hide your favourite toys. Then find them around the house. I know you are great detectives Robins! Good luck! 

Go wild with Wild Marlow's new photo competition!

WC:30.04.20 Create a Daisy collage using different materials? 

WC:23.04.20 Create a story den.



Stay happy, healthy and safe my lovely Robins heart 


Miss Amjad. 

Useful Websites


Here is a list of different websites which your child can visit if they wish to complete some extra practise at home in either maths, times tables, literacy or phonics. To follow a link, copy and paste it into the search bar.







Counting, matching and ordering 1- 


Counting, matching and ordering 2- 


Higher or lower-


Number ordering-


Number sequences-





Times Tables:






Joining words-


Making sentences-


Rhyming words-




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