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The year 1's will be taking part in the phonics screening test after half term. It is really important that they are reading every day as well as practising their alien words (they practise these in class regularly). I will also be attaching a link to some lovely phonics games that the children can use to practise. 


Miss Amjad



Please remember that Reading books will only be changed on a Monday and Thursday.

In Year Two we are promoting independence, this means that children will take responsibility as per our school rule for their belongings.




For the next three weeks in English, we will be studying the book 'The King Who Banned The Dark'.

Writing Purpose: To persuade.

Writing Outcome: To write a letter to persuade someone.

We will be covering the following objectives this week 

I can predict what this story is about

I can find information from the illustrations/captions

I can respond to words/sentences/themes of the vehicle text

I can understand and use vocabulary in the example text


In year 1 we are learning to:

  • solve one-step problems involving multiplication and division, by calculating the answer using concrete objects, pictorial representations and arrays with the support of the teacher.


In Year 2 we are learning:


For the next three weeks, we are learning about money. as well as problem-solving. 

We will be covering the following objectives.


  • recognise and use symbols for pounds (£) and pence (p); combine amounts to make a particular value
  • find different combinations of coins that equal the same amounts of money
  • solve simple problems in a practical context involving addition and subtraction of money of the same unit, including giving change
  • use place value and number facts to solve problems

    Number - addition and subtraction

    solve problems with addition and subtraction:

    Number - addition and subtraction

    recognise and use the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction and use this to check calculations and missing number problems

    Number - multiplication and division

    show that multiplication of two numbers can be done in any order (commutative) and division of one number by another cannot

    Number - multiplication and division

    solve problems involving multiplication and division, using materials, arrays, repeated addition, mental methods, and multiplication and division facts, including problems in contexts

    Number - addition and subtraction

    using concrete objects and pictorial representations, including those involving numbers, quantities and measures



Our topic this term is “Light Up the World” it is a thematic unit based around the sun and other sources of light, with a science focus. Pupils will look at solar power and how to save electricity, as well as learn about sun safety and the importance of protecting both the skin and eyes. They will also learn about how shadows are formed when solid objects block light. Nocturnal animals will also be introduced in this unit.

Spelling tests Week


06.05.22 Week 26

13.05.22 Week 27

20.05.22 Week 28

27.05.22 Week 29


See below for the spelling list.

Dictation (I have uploaded week 26 in this section for those struggling to find them below, I hope this helps!) :)

Partnership books

Please ensure your child brings in their partnership book on a daily basis as this will be used for communication to and from school. 

Please read at home regularly! 

Reading books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays. Please record the date for each read within the partnership book so that we can change your child's book weekly. 

1st read 

This will be the child's first read, which will mean they will use Fred talk and sound out some words they are unfamiliar with

What is Fred talk- The green/red words should be at the beginning of each book unless your child is a free reader. 

2nd read

The second read will be a lot more fluent than the first but may still have some Fred talk. 

3rd read/4th read

The third read will focus on expression. Skip to 2.02

The third/fourth read will focus on questions about the book they have read. You may ask the children to write down their answers and turn this session into a book quiz. 

EPIC class code:



WC 20.09,21

The children will be given weekly spellings which they will need to practice at home, as they will have a spelling test each Friday. You can find the spelling list online. The children will also be given fortnightly maths homework which will be stuck in their homework books. 

You can continue to use: (the logins will be stuck into your child's partnership book)

Purple Mash 

Your child has access to Purple Mash, a whole world of fun and exciting learning opportunities in one safe online space. What is Purple Mash? Purple Mash is a comprehensive suite of online learning tools and content, designed for children aged 3 to 11 in the classroom and at home. Purple Mash supports learning through its resources, games and creative tools, tailored to the school curriculum; everything from core subjects such as maths, reading, writing and phonics, to all the other topics learnt in school.

Reading eggs

Please continue to practise these at home with your child.

Useful Websites


Here is a list of different websites which your child can visit if they wish to complete some extra practise at home in either maths, times tables, literacy or phonics. To follow a link, copy and paste it into the search bar.







Counting, matching and ordering 1- 


Counting, matching and ordering 2- 


Higher or lower-


Number ordering-


Number sequences-





Times Tables:






Joining words-


Making sentences-


Rhyming words-