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Welcome to the Swans' Class page!

Updated for week beginning 18.01.2021. 

Hello and welcome! I hope that you are all well in these troubling and uncertain times. 

This is the class page for Year 5 and 6 where you can find important information and the work that you are undertaking in this lockdown period. 


Well done! You have all completed your first week of home learning and what an excellent job you did too! I have been really impressed with all of your commitment, dedication and hard work. You can see some super examples of children's work below.


Lots of you have shown independence and resilience beyond your years and for that I am very proud. It is important to remember that we are all still learning how to deal with these difficult situations, so if you are having a day where you are feeling a bit down, as long as you try your best, you will make yourselves, and us, very proud! 


A quick reminder that some children  also received an additional yellow interventions book. These books are full of extra work that must be done in addition to the daily tasks set to ensure that all children reach their full potential during this period. These books should have instructions with them, however if you are unsure then please do not hesitate to get in contact. 


This week, I have managed to change the location of work slightly so that it is hopefully easier for youb to navigate. I have uploaded the Powerpoints to your one note pages and all of your work  is outlined on your individual one note accounts.  There are two options for you to access the power points on the one note.

If you are using the direct link that starts with https:// white waltham share point, then please do not edit or write straight onto the power point. 

If you are using the icon picture because you have the power point software at home, then you can write onto them if necessary. 


It is important that the work is done in order as the lessons are chronological and skills learnt at the beginning of the week will help children at the end of the week. Please encourage children to take their time as the work should be completed to the same high standards that they produce in class. This includes the use of basic skills across the curriculum- use of capital letters and full stops in all work for example! 


If you did not mange to complete last week's work, which I have now deleted from the web page, please contact me and I will send you the work by email. This will be especially important for English, since this week's learning is a continuation. 


In order to self- mark their Maths work, children should send daily evidence (a photograph) to me at and I will then send the answers for them to see how they got on. If possible then they should self mark using a green mark for correct and a small pink spot for incorrect. Children should make a second attempt at  any work that is not quite right, however workings must be shown in this instance to prove that they have not just copied from the answer sheet! 


You should continue to work either directly onto one note, or into your yellow book. A quick reminder that if you want to start your own blank page for work, you should right click in the column underneath the dated pages I have given you. An option for new blank page should then appear. That being said, I am more than happy for you to continue to write directly onto the pages I have given you. Maths work should continue to go into your Power Maths books, unless it is a written extra challenge in which case it should be in your yellow book. 


Finally, I wanted to thank you all for your incredible support at this strange time and if you are having problems then please get in contact as my hypothetical door is always open! The most important thing during these times is to look after yourselves so make sure that you take plenty of time to do this too!

Good luck and stay in contact! 


Mrs Daley 







PE with Mr Edwards.

Please find below the daily link for PE with Mr Edwards. In this link he mentions a recording sheet for your Monday activities. You were not given this recording sheet as I felt it would be more appropriate for you to create your own table! This way you will be able to record your results in a way that suits you and is easier for you to understand. 











Collective Worship Links


We will be recording three collective worship videos each week supporting our theme of Courage for you to enjoy at a convenient time.

January 18th -Mr Thompson 


January 19th- Singing. Go to the collective worship webpage and choose a couple  of songs to listen to. Think about the lyrics of the music and what they mean. If you don't want to sing or listen to the songs, perhaps try a makaton song. Alternatively, use this time to find examples of when people have shown courage in the news. (Use newsround website!)


January 20th - Mrs Bourner - Cassandra's Crown Week 2



January 21st - Mrs Morel - Courage



More fantastic work! (Mrs Daley's technical skills don't allow her to make it into a photo sorry!)