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Collective Worship

Collective worship – Roots and Fruits


We use Roots and Fruits as the main focus for our collective worship.


Roots and Fruits provides creative collective worship for primary schools based in Christian values themes over a period of two years. Rooted in Bible teaching, twelve Christian values represent the fruit that grows as the teaching is lived out in everyday life.


The value for the Spring Term 3 is Perseverance and for Spring Term 4 is Justice.






A prayer of welcome


We light three candles in the name of: 

God the Father whose promises are true, 

God the Son who trusted his Father’s promises and 

God the Holy Spirit who gives us faith to trust God today. 


Perseverance is…. 


Pressing on 

Eager to continue 

Running the race 

Sticking with things 

Encouraging each other to keep going 

Valuing the support of others 

Eyes fixed on the target 

Reaching a goal over time 

Aiming to complete the task 

Not giving up 

Commitment to keep going 

Ending up where you want to be 



A prayer of welcome


On our journey of life: 

May God go ahead to lead the way, 

May God go behind to spur us on, 

May God stay alongside to be our friend. 


Justice is…. 

Judging what is right 

Understanding what is fair 

Standing up for those who need help 

Trying to listen to both sides 

Informed and wise decisions 

Caring enough to take action 

Equal opportunities for all 




Lord Jesus Christ 

In your own life on earth, you took care to listen well to people, 

especially the people who no one else bothered with. 

You were passionate about seeking justice for everyone. 

Give us wisdom when we need to make decisions. 

Help us not to jump to conclusions but to try to hear both sides, 

giving everyone a chance speak. 

And when we get it wrong, give us the humility and courage to say sorry. 


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