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Bisham CofE Academy

Ashley Hill MAT

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Ashley Hill

Multi Academy Trust


Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust

A Broad and Balanced Curriculum


 ‘Encourage one another and build each other up’

1 Thessalonians 5:11



Our vision is deeply rooted in the biblical wisdom and Christian teaching of loving each other, encouraging and building each other up to achieve ones very best. Together we learn, love, achieve and succeed. Staff and students come together as one family to celebrate each other’s uniqueness, accomplishments, talents and gifts regardless of cultural, social, religious, economic or ethnic background. Every child is encouraged by the leadership, staff, parents and their peers to discover and grow their God-given talents and gifts to their fullest potential. We are a school family that believe by encouraging, inspiring and building each other up, we secure the best outcomes for every member of our school community.



At Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust we offer an exciting topic based curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give all pupils the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum filled with opportunities and challenge, where there are no limits to learning and no child is left behind. Our children are at the heart of everything we do and at the centre of all decisions we make. Our curriculum promotes enjoyment of learning through creativity, purpose and relevance. Underpinned by our Christian values, we passionately believe that children should be equipped to see beyond the school community and contribute to the wider world as caring and respectful citizens. 



To ensure that our ambitious curriculum is delivered to the highest standard, Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust has a clear strategic overview for curriculum implementation. We have a two-year thematic rolling curriculum titled 'The Big Picture'', where cross-curricular themes teach subject specific skills and knowledge which allows our pupils to make meaningful links across and within areas of their learning. Wherever possible, our core subject learning is interwoven within the theme to ensure deep and meaningful learning across the whole curriculum. Through continuous professional development we strive to  ensure teachers’ subject content knowledge consistently builds and develops over time. 


Delivery of our curriculum is through quality first teaching. Using a range of teaching styles and experiences, we aim to foster, in the children, a love of learning and a passion for enquiry. We teach in mixed ability groups and provide opportunities for both half class and whole class teaching, making informed decisions based on the learning needs of the children. We also offer a continuous provision element to our teaching, providing meaningful opportunities for pupils to embed knowledge and skills, whilst developing their skills of independence, problem solving and creativity. Assessment for learning drives teaching of the curriculum with assessment designed to thoughtfully shape future learning.



Our full and rich curriculum, with its excellent range of experiences including visitors and trips, ensures that every pupil at Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust makes excellent progress both academically and personally. As well as,  ensuring that every child is given the opportunity to shine and flourish by challenge and developing curious pupils who love to learn and will continue to thrive forward with a thirst for knowledge. 

Children have raised aspirations and confidence in their own abilities. They are highly motivated to succeed and support one another to do so and as a result achieve highly in all areas and are well prepared for their next stage of education. 


Please click on the link below to find more information about our school curriculum.