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Science- Seasonal Changes September 2023

In our first science lesson this week we focused on the changes that occur between Summer and Autumn. As well as, setting up our own weather station to help us when observing and recording the weather over the coming weeks.

DT- Junk Model Castles- Once Upon a Time Immersion Days

In DT this week, we used a variety of recycled materials to create our own fairy-tale castles, complete with drawbridges and towers.

Building the Three Little Pigs Houses

We had a go at building our own houses for the three little pigs using straw bales, bricks and sticks. We experimented also with using a combination of materials.

Art- Princess and the Pea Collage

In art this week, we have been creating our own patterned papers through mixing different colours of paint and adding texture by using a variety of mark making tools. Once our patterned papers had dried, we enjoyed ripping them up and creating our own collage of the Princess and the Pea fairy-tale.

Tower of London Trip- November 2023

The children enjoyed their trip to the Tower of London, where they walked along the battlements, spent time in the White Tower-where they could explored the room where gunpowder was kept during the Great Fire of London, learnt about the Great Fire of London in more depth with the help of a lady called Jane, explored what houses would have looked like in 1666, saw the last standing wooden building and created sketches of these to use once back at school.

Bauble Workshop- December 2023

The children thoroughly enjoyed a bauble workshop kindly paid for by the Bisham PTA. The children painted their bauble silver and then used tools to add the design of a snowman.

Frozen Kingdom- Immersion Days January 2024

Ice Decorations

The children spent time collecting natural materials to create frozen hanging decorations. They added water to their container of natural materials and froze them over night. The next day, the children were very excited to see what their frozen decorations looked like and hung them on trees, so they good watch them glisten in the sunlight.

Science Experiment- which material keeps the ice solid for longer?

The children set up an experiment to find out which material would keep the ice solid for the longest. They used their knowledge of materials from their science learning from last term to help them. They wrapped 3 pieces of ice in different  materials and left them all outside. The children were able to predict what might happen to each piece of ice and monitored the ice over a certain time period and recorded their findings.

Frozen Kingdom Dioramas

The children learnt what animals live in the Arctic and also considered what the environment might be like there, to create their own frozen kingdom dioramas using recycled materials.

February 2024- DT- Designing and Making Snow Buggies

The children have enjoyed their DT learning over the last two weeks, where they have explored the key components needed to make a vehicle move, have built a chassis with 2 axles and 4 wheels, experimented with different prototypes of what to add to the front of their snow buggies to ensure it moves easily through the snow, have designed their own snow buggies and brought their designs to life by building them out of a variety of materials.