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Cadbury's World 

The pupils had the opportunity to embark on a journey to Cadbury's World factory. There, pupils delved into the chocolate-making process, sampled various treats, and deepened their understanding of chocolate's origins and its ties to the Mayans.

Science- Luna Moon Samples from NASA 

We were incredibly lucky to obtain Luna Moon Samples from NASA, which tied into our Space unit in Science and provided students with an amazing chance to interact with authentic space rocks gathered during previous NASA missions to the moon. Students thoroughly examined the rocks and were subsequently tasked with classifying and testing them to identify potential meteorites.



Hampton Court Palace


Students enjoyed an enriching excursion to Hampton Court Palace, immersing themselves in the exploration of the palace grounds and connecting their learning to our Autumn theme centered around the Tudor era. They had the chance to explore the spaces where King Henry VIII would dine and rest, all while taking in the beautiful tapestries and architecture. Additionally, students actively participated in a workshop that focused on trading during Tudor times.

Remembrance Service

RE and Art Week: 

Pupils participated in daily art sessions led by a professional artist, culminating in a canvas depiction of an Orangutan set against two contrasting habitats. This artwork underscored their understanding of animal welfare and the influence of human activities on the environment.

RE and Art week- W/B 16th October

WB 11th Sep: 


Immersion of vehicle text, reading of Treason and PE lesson in the sun- Rugby!

Tudor Immersion 

During the immersion week, students delved deeply into our topic on the Tudors. We began by contrasting Tudor attire with our contemporary clothing and explored the significance of Tudor jewellery, its wearers, and its depiction in art. This inspired the students to design and craft their own opulent Tudor-inspired jewellery pieces. Additionally, they were introduced to the concept of coats of arms, decoding the meanings behind various colours, patterns, and animals featured on these symbols. Subsequently, students embarked on designing and crafting personal badges that reflect their individuality and family heritage.


Tudor immersion activities