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Bisham CofE Academy

Ashley Hill MAT

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Ashley Hill

Multi Academy Trust

Robins (Yr 1&2)



Our learning this week....

Monday 19th February - Friday 23rd February



The children have been introduced to the new text for this half term 'Bog Baby'  by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward, where they have been choosing suitable adjectives to describe the Bog Baby and used their ideas to create a poem to describe Bog Baby.



Year 1- this week the children have continued their learning of place value within 50, where they have been ordering numbers on a number line, using tens frames to help them understand how many tens and ones are in each of the numbers. As well as practising their 2 times table.

Year 2- this week the children have continued to focus on multiplication and division, where they have learnt how to count in 2s, use the multiplication symbol to write a number sentence to represent groups/arrays,  how to use the division symbol and how to identify and write related number facts. As well as practising their 2, 5 , 3 and 10 times tables. 




During the STEM two days at the beginning of the week, the children enjoyed learning how to use the stop motion app to create their own stop motion movies based on the Arctic. The children enjoyed sharing their stop motion videos with the rest of the class during a 'movie afternoon' with additional treat of popcorn!



During the STEM days at the beginning of the week, the children enjoyed designing and making a mobile, to provide a solution to Wallace's problem of not being able to sleep. The children were given the following brief:

  • the mobile must be equally balanced when hung up
  • the mobile must contain geometric shapes
  • the mobile needs to include at least 3 different colours



This week the children have started their History unit, all about how the lives of the Inuits has changed over the past 150 years, where they have explored the clothing the Inuits wear and why. The children even had a go at making their own snow goggles, which were invented by the Inuits to help them see when the sun is at it's highest point and reflecting off the snow, making it difficult to see. As well as, learning all about the materials the Inuits use to build their homes/shelters and how these are made, comparing the materials the Inuits use to those that we use for building homes in the UK.




This week the children have learnt about what 'taxes' are and what a 'tax collector' is, as well as why do we pay taxes. The children listened to the story of 'Matthew' from the bible and considered why Jesus would have chosen such a person to be one of his trusted friends (a disciple). The children had a discussion about the importance of giving others second chances to change and be a better person.