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Bisham CofE Academy

Ashley Hill MAT

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Ashley Hill

Multi Academy Trust

Robins (Yr 1&2)

PLEASE NOTE: Children will need their recorders in school for the first two weeks back after May Half Term.


Our learning this week....

Monday 10th June - Friday 14th June





This week the children have continued to focus on the story of 'The Night Gardener' by The Fan Brothers, where they have used their imagination and knowledge of the story to create their own setting descriptions and started to plan their own sequel to the story using a story map. The children will be using their story maps next week to write their sequels.



Year 1- have concluded their learning on the mathematical topic of position and direction this week by completing the end of unit assessment for this topic. As well as, starting the mathematical topic of place value (50-100)  where they have been learning how to count forwards and backwards in 1s upto 100, how to count in 10s to 100 and how to partition numbers using tens and ones to 100. In addition to this, the children have also been practising their 2x, 5x and 10x tables. 


Year 2- have concluded their learning all about time this week- where they completed their end of unit assessment for this topic. As well as, starting the new mathematical topic of statistics-where the children have learnt how to use a tally chart to record data and have also been practising the 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x tables. 




This week the children have enjoyed learning how to play the well known song 'Hot Cross Buns' on the recorder, where they have also learnt how to position their fingers over the holes to play the different notes (B, A and G). The children have continued to practise this week and have started to play together in small groups, in preparation for the upcoming recorder concert in the coming weeks.




This week the children have continued their learning all about the religion of Judaism, where they have been explored the ten commandments, learnt what they mean and considered the importance of each one in our everyday lives. The children thought carefully about which of the ten commandments is most important to us and ordered them from the most important to the least. As a class, we decided that each of the commandments are very important to us.