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Swans (Yr 5&6)

Welcome to Swans Class page. 

Year 5 and 6


Please note:

  • PE days- Tuesday and Wednesday
  • On PE days, pupils should come to school in full PE kit.


Teacher: Mr Chotalia                                                                                                                  Support teacher: Mrs Mothersole


Our learning last week (10th-14th June):



Last week, we continued our focus on our vehicle text- ‘The Rain Player’ by David Wisniewski. Pupils started a new strand of writing focusing on writing an explanation text on the game of Pok-a-tok. Last week, pupils identified key language features while using the WAGOLL. We also deep dived into the importance, purpose and structure of editing. 



In maths, pupils work their way through age-specific units using the CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach. This allows pupils to gain hands on experience of maths using concrete resources, this allows them to 'feel the maths' and gain a deeper understanding that they can apply to more abstract concepts. Please see below for the units we currently working on and lessons covered last week. 

Year 5: Decimals 

  • Decimal sequences 
  • Multiply by 10,100,1000
  • Divide by 10,100,1000
  • Multiply and divide decimals - missing value

Year 6: Bakery themed project

  • Packaging- Working out the best packaging and space for food products based on their dimensions. 


* Children should know all of their times tables now. Keep practising to remain fluent!



Over the next two week pupils will take part in music unit linked to our Mayan topic using a recorder. Children will learn the notes BAGCD F# and E on the recorder. They will then create their own mystic Mayan piece of music using 4 different notes. Pupils will then perform their music to the class and provide feedback on music. 



This term in PE we are focusing on Athletics and Cricket. In Cricket, pupils will learn sport specific skills developing hand-eye coordination. Pupils will learn the key elements of fielding and batting, while developing tactical play.  In Athletics, pupils will develop agility, balance and coordination while developing and understanding of the three core strands in athletics- running, throwing and jumping. Pupils will compete in different events and work towards sports day. 



Everyone has been very excited and eager to get started on our school production. Pupils will be developing speaking, singing and acting skills through the term. Across the next week, pupils will receive scripts and the lines please can pupils practise them at home and school.